Switters Iced Coffee 50 oz (4 pack)


Switters Iced Coffee 50 oz (4 pack)


Flash-chilled iced coffee on tap - perfect for your home or office!  

There's no such thing as too much iced coffee!  Take home a 4 pack of our 50 oz pouches and have your own Iced Coffee Taproom at home!  Choose from 4 coffees!

Our Black iced coffee is a traditional dark roast that packs bold, chocolate, nutty flavors.   Great for dark roast coffee lovers or those who like to mix and make their own coffee concoctions. 

Our Single Origin iced coffee rotates seasonally using beans that produce unique and interesting flavor profiles.  These are typically light roasted coffees, & we recommend drinking our Single Origin coffees black!

Our Honey coffee is lightly sweetened with local TN wildflower honey. Just a subtle hint of honey to compliment our dark roast coffee!

Our Sweet Iced Coffee is our version of a Vietnamese iced coffee using our blend of a French roast and sweetened condensed milk.  The perfect balance of coffee and sweet!

This 4 pack contains 20 servings total. (5 10oz servings per pack)

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